Pinterest is now fully translated into Hindi! To celebrate, we’ve collected a few boards that capture the many facets of Indian culture. We hope this helps Pinners from India and other Hindi speakers around the world not only to share what inspires them but also to explore all of their unique interests in one place.


Visiting India

The best way to discover India is to visit, of course. If you want to visit the seventh largest country in the world (and the second most populous, with 1.2 billion people!), you’ll need a plan. From the beaches of Goa to Agra’s marvelous Taj Mahal, there is much to see and do. Explore place boards to help you plot your Indian adventure.

places to go in India

Cuisine: more than just curry

Samosas, pani puri, chicken tikka masala and naan are just some of the foods that comprise India’s rich cuisine. Use our recipe search filters to recreate the Indian dishes you crave in your own kitchen.

There are many famous chefs throughout India, like Sanjeev Kapoor, a professional chef with an wide collection of recipes right on Pinterest.

Eastern fitness

Do you know how to play cricket? If you plan to visit India, you should learn quickly. The sport is played by almost everyone in the country. On Pinterest, you can find boards full of info on the best players and teams.

India is the birthplace of yoga. There are thousands of Pins for every type of yoga, so search now to discover your perfect pose.

Hindi cinema: Bollywood and beyond

With 1,000 films made each year—that’s double Hollywood’s output—Bollywood is the world’s most prolific film industry. In 2011, Bollywood made $3 billion in revenue, and the figure grows each year.

Yash Raj Films, producer of popular films like Dhoom: 3, shares stills from their film house. Learn more about their work on their Pinterest profile.

Along with movies, there tons of Hindi soap operas on channels like Sony TV and Zee TV.

Subcontinent-inspired clothing

Clothing is an important part of Indian culture. Men and women dress in a variety of pieces depending on where they live and if there’s a special occasion taking place. Discover cutting-edge trends on everything from saris to sherwanis from designers like Sabya Sachi Mukherjee and Satya Paul.

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