Man looking at watch.

We recently made a handy new feature for people with Android devices. In Pinterest for Android v3.0 (out tomorrow!), we’ll notify you when you’re near a place you’ve Pinned. And if you’re on the go with a brand new Android wearable, you’ll get a notification there, too!

For example, you could make a board for places to watch the World Cupor all the stops for your next vacation. If you’re close to one of the sports bars or must-see sites you Pinned, we’ll send you a notification on your Android device so you can go check it out. Need to figure out how to get there? You can get step-by-step directions right from your Android wearable or your phone.

Wearable phone

To learn more about how it all works, check out this blogpost from Google.

Need some place Pin inspiration? We’ve got you covered.


—Sunny Rochiramani, Software Engineer, currently Pinning to dessert