Pinterest Polyvore Integration

Ready to put some extra power in your Pinning? Starting today, you can log in to other apps with your Pinterest account.

iPhone screen

Here’s how it works:

If you use IFTTT, logging in with Pinterest lets you automatically save any photo you like on Instagram as a Pin. It also works with actions in other apps, like Reddit upvotes, Etsy favorites or any other Pinterest “Recipe” you create on IFTTT.

You can also save your Polyvore collections and sets to Pinterest. Any fashion, beauty and home decor sets you make can be saved as Pins. (To start, this works from your iPhone, iPad or desktop—if you use Android, we’re working on rolling this out to you soon!)

If you no longer want to use Pinterest to log in to these apps, you can always remove access by going to the Apps section in your Pinterest settings.

Be on the lookout for the option to log in with Pinterest on all kinds of apps and websites in the next few months!

Joshua Inkenbrandt, Product Manager, currently pinning to Found on the Interweb