Home feed screen on phone.

Updated September 21, 2016

The new look just landed in the Android app. Update to the latest version to see it for yourself.

Updated July 29, 2016:

Sharp-eyed Pinners have already started to notice that the redesign we debuted on iPhone back in April is now making its way to the Pinterest website. You can read more about about the inspiration behind the new look in this in-depth breakdown from Pinterest's creative director of product design, Andreas Pihlström.

We’re lucky enough to have over 100 million Pinners around the world coming to Pinterest to find ideas to try. With so many people using our app, it’s more important than ever to make sure it works great for everyone—no matter where you live, what language you speak or how old your phone is.

IOs Scalability on Pinterest

So we decided to give things a complete overhaul, from what our app looks like to how fast it works. Here’s what’s new:

A new modern look that lets you focus more on Pins.

Universally readable, in 31 languages. Kanji, Roman, Cyrillic—now our app is legible no matter what language you read or what screen size you have.

Crazy fast loading, for everyone in the world. When you open the app, your home feed now loads up to 3 times faster.

Before and after of speed on phone

These changes have laid the groundwork for future improvements, too. Now that we’ve rebuilt things in a smarter way, engineers and designers here at Pinterest will be able to develop features faster than ever before.

Because this was such a huge effort, we’re starting to roll out these updates on iPhone and iPad first. Make sure to update your app so you have the latest, greatest. Android and web are next on our list to tackle, so keep your eye out for updates in the coming months.


To make sure you have the latest and greatest, update your iPhone app. (Android coming soon!)

– Adam Barton, currently Pinning to 4899 Design