Curated by Ben Silbermann

Today we’re introducing a new feature: group pinboards. With group pinboards, lots of people can add pins to a common pinboard. Group pinboards are a really fun way for:

  • Couples to share ideas for their upcoming wedding
  • Housemates to share redecorating ideas
  • Families to share recipes
  • Friends to share shopping or gift ideas


For example, my Mom, my sister and I have a pinboard full of gift ideas for my niece and nephew. Whenever one of us adds a pin, the other contributors get a notification by email.

To create a group pinboard, push the edit button on any of your boards and go to the Add Contributor section. You can invite anyone who is already a member of Pinterest, or you can send invite a friend who hasn’t joined Pinterest yet. Group pinboards are still in beta, but we’re excited to hear what you think.