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The results are in, and there’s a lot to look forward to in 2018! Yoga wheels, river cruises and derma rollers are just a few of the emerging trends people on Pinterest are excited about. The Pinterest 100 has it all—100 trend predictions across our top categories, backed by global data. Every category is full of surprises and must-trys, so get ready to Pin your heart out…


Food graphic


Food: Healthy meets tasty

Foodies love Pinterest. With over 19 billion ideas, food and drink is one of our largest categories, and it’s still growing. Since last year, we’ve seen a 46% increase in food and drink Pins.1 People are pulling out their smartphones to plan meals and make healthier food choices in the moment. Once they decide what to eat, they want to know how to make it, and how to make it fast.

Diet-friendly frying: People are obsessed with air fryers—they use hot air instead of oil to crank out crispy faves like drive-thru quality fries (saves for “air fryer” +1809%)

Souping > juicing: Warm, soul-nourishing and full of flavorful nutrients, puréed soup can be a delicious way to reset your diet (saves for “souping” +306%)

Super coffee saves the day: Protein powder, or superfoods like maca, mixed into morning brew can help shake a case of the Mondays (saves for “healthy coffee” +218%)

Sweet heat from Morocco: North African spices including cumin, coriander and cardamom, are waking up tastebuds and pushing everyday dishes beyond the basics (saves for “Moroccan” +2579%)

Lean, mean plant proteins: Meat isn’t the only protein powerhouse. Lentils, hemp and quinoa pack a nutritional punch and taste just as good (saves for “plant proteins” +417%)

Oh snap: World-class snack artists are swapping greasy chips for dressed up edamame and snap peas (saves for “snap peas” +273%)

The hottest hot sauce: Move over, Sriracha! Korean condiments, especially with Gochujang, are on fire (saves for “Korean condiments” +222%)

OMGhee: In our modern “dairy is scary” world, ghee and clarified butter are lactose-free wonder foods with a rich, nutty flavor (saves for “ghee” +155%)

We can’t believe it’s not dairy! Desserts can be awesome without animal products—just trade coconut oil for butter and flax seeds for eggs (saves for “vegan desserts” +329%)

Mocktail magic: It’s never been easier to not drink booze, thanks to non-alcoholic mixes with delicious, artisanal ingredients (searches for “virgin cocktails” +160%)


Woman fashion graphic


Women’s style: Fearless fashion

Style on Pinterest is where the fashion world meets the real world. People use Pinterest to bring trends to life and decide what to buy. 70% of female Pinners visit at least once a week4 searching, saving and creating their personalized look book one Pin at a time. With over 16 billion ideas, this is one of our most popular categories.

Logomania is back: The latest street style trend mixes brand iconography with elevated pieces (saves for “logos” +203%)

Larger than life earrings: From oversized hoops to structured heavy metal, earrings are bigger and better than ever (saves for “structured statement earrings” +947%)

Go wide: In the skinny-or-not pants debate, people are siding with wide-legged bottoms and crops (saves for “wide leg” +213%)

Beret all day: A major accessory on fall runways, this French fave is très chic for day or night (saves for “berets” +269%)

Long live layers: Below-the-knee sweaters and jackets add extra cozy, while kimonos and dusters add extra chic (saves for “long layered clothing” +102%)

Plastic makes perfect: Lucite and patent leather are the plastics we predict will be everywhere by spring (saves for “lucite” and “patent leather” +110%)

Slits are it: The eye-catching detail is popular on tunics and midi dresses, and even gives pants unexpected edge (saves for “side slits” +147%)

The original blue jean: A favorite style returns—100% cotton denim is reimagined and capsule wardrobe worthy (saves for “100% cotton denim” +115%)

Socks that rock: Sheer socks with sneaks or sandals, add instant oomph to any ensemble (saves for “sheer socks” +72%)

Pep up your step: Studs, pearls and bold buckles are the subtle but striking details on statement shoes (saves for “embellished shoes” +222%)


Man fashion graphic


Men’s style: Keeping it classy

Who says Pinterest isn’t for men?! The number of monthly active male Pinners have grown by 50% in the last year, and so has their interest in style, with an 80% increase in Pins saved.5 Men often search and browse to find new looks on Pinterest, and are especially inspired by style experts. In fact, 72% of men say they’re influenced by brands.6

The micro wave: Mini prints and patterns are in the business casual cannon of better-than-basic pieces (searches for “small prints” +476%)

Clean-cut beards: A beard is a labor of love, so regular trims and daily care are required to keep strays in check (searches for “beard trim” +200%)

Back to workwear: Traditional workwear is inspiring modern staples no guy should be without—and the chore coat proves to be the strongest (searches for “shearling,” “trucker jacket,” “corduroy” and “chore coat” +160%)

Departure from denim: Flex pants are a triple threat of comfort, function and style—basically a no-brainer for a lot of men (searches for “flex pants” +242%)

Dashing commuter bags: Backpacks and messengers are designed to be durable and dapper with thoughtful details for the guy on the go (searches for “leather backpacks” +146%)

Wardrobe enhancers: Cufflinks, glasses and rings are easy ways to complete a look or switch things up (searches for “men’s accessories” +201%)

Logos are cool again: Good brands stand the test of time, and classic logos are giving everyday styles old-school vibes (searches for “men’s logo” +241%)

The best jackets are the biggest: Bombers, topcoats and other outerwear styles are evolving into oversized versions in 2018 (searches for “oversized jacket” +216%)

Off the cuff style: Pinrolled pants and sleeves are one of those tweaks that can make an outfit—and skip a trip to the tailor (saves for “cuffed short sleeve” +340%)

Monochrome is king: Tonal dressing reigns supreme keeping colors close, but not exact—think denim on denim, mixing neutrals or all black (saves for “monochrome” +289%)


Beauty graphic


Beauty: Go for the bold

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the greatest of them all? Our 48 million beauty Pinners, that’s who. Beauty is booming on Pinterest with a 75% increase in Pins year over year.7 Pinners are looking to the experts for the latest products to try and buy, and tips and tutorials for everyday looks and special occasions.

Next-level lashes: Brows are still big, but all eyes are on long, lush lashes and how to get them (searches for “lashes” +152%)

Oil, beauty’s biggest overachiever: The unexpected beauty product for softer skin, smoother hair and shinier lips (saves for “cleansing oil” +555%)

50 shades of you: A wider range of skin tones are showing up in new shade-inclusive foundations (saves for “complexion matching” +378%)

What about the bob? Everyone with a lob or bob is taking it to extremes with longer locks and playful pixies (saves for “long hair” and “pixie” +130%)

Graphic (nail) design: Geometric and negative space manis are a fun way to flash some personality (searches for “geometric nails” +83%)

Bright eyes: Neon underliner or inner shadow creates edgy, look-at-me eyes (searches for “bright eyeshadow” +63%)

This is how we roll: From ice and derma, to jade and quartz, facial rollers are a beloved beauty tool (saves for “derma roller” +345%)

 All-in-one kits: Makeup aisles can be intimidating, so people are picking up curated kits and looking for tutorials to build their own (saves for “makeup kit” +147%)

Lips love tints: A sheer or matte tint is the perfect starter lipstick—it’s affordable, easy to use and punches up the color (saves for “lip tint” +414%)

Wet and wild hair: Prepare to see a lot of super slicked-back styles and all kinds of curls—yep, even perms (saves for “slicked back” and “wavy” +166%)


Children graphic


Kids and parenting: Fun for all ages

Pinterest is big on ideas for little ones. It has more than 2 billion ideas and is a huge help to moms and dads. One in three parents use Pinterest,9 and because they’re always on the go, say they couldn’t live without the app.10

Toys from trees: Branch out from plastic with more au naturale options for the toy trunk (saves for “wooden toys” +173%)

Mod nurseries: It may be baby’s room, but it doesn’t have to be baby-ish (saves for “mature nursery” and “modern nursery” +85%)

Next-level nesting: New parents are tackling pre-baby bucket lists and perfecting the art of prepping for new arrivals (saves for “baby prep” +207%)

Say yes to yarn: Pom poms are at peak popularity—both rugs and mobiles are colorful, cozy and definitely DIY-able (saves for “pom pom decor” +444%)

Blankets but better: Weighted blankets are known for their kid-calming, sleep-inducing superpowers (saves for “weighted blankets” +259%)

Perma-forts: No longer just for Friday sleepovers—forts are becoming part of the furniture (saves for “forts” +108%)

Tiny trackers: Helpful apps and cheat sheets track everything from baby’s mini moments to big milestones (saves for “baby tracker” +58%)

Stick 'em up! Removable wall art never gets old—reinvent the room as the kids grow up (saves for “wall decals” +219%)

Earth babies: Eco-friendly diapers, recycled clothes and planet-friendly materials are leaving a smaller footprint (saves for “eco-friendly clothing” +750%)

Mom jewelry: Teething necklaces make a strong statement, but also give little ones something to sink their teeth into (saves for “teething necklaces” +146%)


Home graphic


Home: Down to the details

Interior designers say decorating a home is personal and evolves over time. This notion that design is never done, keeps Pinners coming back. With over 14 billion ideas, home continues to grow with a 75% increase in Pins year over year.2 Pinners are thinking big and small, from full renos to stylish accents, and spend 27% more on decor than people who don’t use Pinterest.3

Resort-inspired style: Spa-inspired bathrooms and rattan furniture bring the vacay vibes home (saves for “spa bathrooms” +269%)

The magic of metallics: Metals mesh with any color palette, but to really amp up a space, mix different finishes together (saves for “mixed metals” +423%)

Hello, terrazzo: The forgotten flooring of the '70s is brightening up ceilings, entryways and everything in between (saves for “terrazzo” +316%)

The fifth wall: A statement ceiling can transform a room from the top down with bold paint, striking wallpaper or intricate texture (saves for “statement ceilings” +310%)

Beautiful to the bone: Bone inlaid tiles take an ordinary piece from meh to marvelous with maximalism drama and geometric designs (saves for “bone inlay” +207%)

Wood wins: Wall tiles and flooring in shades of grey, or with a herringbone pattern, are versatile, add dimension and make any space more modern (saves for “herringbone patterns” +131%)

Statement doors: A colorfully painted front door, or friendly message on a mat, is the new way to welcome guests (saves for “colorful doors” +121%)

Patterned plants: Houseplants, like the popular prayer plant, go beyond green with vibrant, patterned foliage and flashes of color (saves for “patterned plants” +533%)

Wall art is big: Buh-bye, blank space! Large posters, works of art and photography prints are blowing up (saves for “big wall art” +637%)

Sage advice: Soften up a space with sage, the new neutral (saves for “sage” +170%)


Travel graphic


Travel: The new hot spots

Travel is taking off on Pinterest, with over 4 billion ideas and a 33% increase in Pins.11 Pinners use it both as a bucket list and guidebook. 68% of them say they’re searching for destinations to visit in the future.12 Once they pick the location, they look for places to play, stay and eat. They bring home both souvenirs and inspiration for food, home decor, style and beauty to incorporate into their everyday life.

Desert escapes: It’s not a mirage—things are heating up in desert destinations like Morocco, Dubai, Atacama Desert and Joshua Tree (saves for “desert travel” +125%)

Living la vida local: Travelers want authentic real-deal experiences and neighborhoods, not just tourist traps and guide book go-tos (saves for “local travel” +146%)

Travel journal-ism: Bullet journals are making way for new twists on the travel log—jetsetters are adding creative touches like watercolors, washi tape and calligraphy (saves for “travel journal” +169%)

Mediterranean island hopping: The magic is off the mainland—islands in Croatia and Mykonos in Greece are unbelievable (saves for “Croatian islands” and “Mykonos” +96%)

River cruising: Travelers are swapping the high seas for stellar natural scenery on river wanders through Vietnam, Germany and Egypt (saves for “river cruises” +346%)

Mexico’s vámonos moment: Some go for the glamorous cities and street food, others for sparkly beaches and ancient pyramids (saves for “Mexico City” +96%)

Throwback travel: Think way back—history buffs are heading off the beaten path to old world Europe and ancient sites like Angkor Wat (saves for “historical travel” +92%)

The world is a canvas: Cities like Miami, Lisbon and Melbourne (and maybe your own hometown?) are made for street art scavenger hunts (saves for “street art” +79%)

Things are looking up: Scuba diving is down, while rock and mountain climbing searches are making a steep ascent (saves for “climbing” +82%)

One-day vacays: A proper getaway doesn’t have to take weeks—plan it right and one day will do the job (saves for “24 hour travel” +134%)


Celebrations: A twist on tradition

Pinners are big time planners. They’re three times more likely to plan an event,13 and use Pinterest to find easy ideas and new twists on the traditional, for both everyday celebrations and major milestones.

Big yays for milestone b-days: Birthdays ending in zero are made for blowouts—and the big 3-0 is a prime reason to party (saves for “milestone birthday” +154%)

Balloons get boutique-y: It’s not all hot air—balloons are filling up with foliage, glitter and other fanciness, and even brides are taking notice (saves for “filled balloons” +86%)  

Trivia—the new party trick: The latest and greatest game night is just like Jeopardy, but with all the comforts of home (saves for “trivia night” +279%)

Sip and sees: New parents are opting for designated drop-in parties to introduce the little peanut (or puppy) to friends and family (saves for “sip and see” +218%)

Sprinkle showers: Next year’s forecast calls for two types of baby shower sprinkles: Lightweight and low key, or rainbow sprinkle themed (saves for “sprinkle baby shower” +180%)

Season mixing mashups: Bright pink pumpkins, Christmas in July parties, summer wreaths—say hello to a whole new breed of creative holiday hybrids (saves for “summer wreath” +116%)

Guest books, but better: Momentos do double duty as decor, with guests jotting notes on Jenga blocks and even signing surfboards (saves for “guest book keepsake” +216%)

Personalized party tees: The whole squad can suit up and celebrate with special occasion shirts (saves for “birthday shirt” +250%)

DIY for guests to TRY: Party throwers are looking for ways to get even more hands-on at parties, like make-your-own taco bars or hot cocoa stations (saves for holiday and events activities +114%)

Boho baby showers: Hosts are moving beyond the basic pinks and blues to boho-chic florals, faded antique rugs and vintage kilim pillows (saves for “boho shower” +306%)


Wellness graphic


Wellness: The yin to your yang

Wellness goes beyond diet on Pinterest. Everything mind, body and soul is covered, and we’ve got 2 billion Pins to prove it. 61% of Pinners say Pinterest is where they find ideas to be their best selves.8They’re using the app to pull up everything from workouts at the gym to quick meditations on their commute.

A gut feeling: To deal with digestive issues, people are balancing their bacteria with more gut-friendly grub (saves for “gut health” +251%)

Strength over size: Strength training isn’t about hitting a goal weight, but discovering the amazing things the body can do (saves for “strength training” +415%)

Let’s clear the air: The clean movement isn’t just about the food we eat, but the air we breathe (saves for “air purifier” and “air purifying plants” +270%)

The post-workout: Stretching and healthy snacks after exercise have unexpected benefits worth the extra few minutes (saves for “post workout stretches” +105%)

A treat for tresses: Homemade customized formulas and co-washing help hair get its moisture and shine back (saves for “healthy hair tips” +219%)

The vitamin for brighter skin: Squeezing its way into everyone’s morning routine, vitamin C serum is believed to improve skin texture and quality (saves for “vitamin C serum” +3379%)

The most under-rated exercise: Wellness warriors are trying Tai Chi for its potential to reduce stress, release pain and create whole body harmony (saves for “Tai Chi” +189%)

Wait, you can eat those? There are many ways to reap the benefits of essential oils, even flavoring a dish—but make sure it’s labeled food grade (saves for “essential oil food recipe” +689%)

Self-care staycations: Everyone knows the importance of taking a break, and are looking closer to home for more “me time” (saves for “self care” +537%)

New prop on the block: Yoga wheels stretch the front side body, massage the spine and assist in advanced postures (saves for “yoga wheel” +72%)


Hobbies and interests: Play by your own rules

Pinterest is the place to explore new interests and geek out over passion projects. In fact, 73% of Pinners say they find tips and tricks for projects and life hacks.14 With more than 100 billion ideas and tutorials across Pinterest, it’s easy to take a skill to the next level, or go deep on your latest obsession.


The here and now: A lot of time can be spent living in the past and future, but people are looking for ways to be more present every day (saves for “living in the moment” +464%)

Tiny tats: Finger tattoos are having a major moment—plus, they’re a great way to ease into the world of body art (saves for “finger tattoos” +252%)

Accessories to DIY for: DIYers are making their own on-trend, one-of-a-kind jewelry and displays for a fraction of the price (saves for “DIY jewelry” +280%)

Home is where you park it: Camper remodels are on the rise because people want a simpler life—even if it’s just for the weekend (saves for “camper remodel” +933%)

It’s (k)not macrame: Home decor designed with simple knot tying, like a paracord plant hanger or coaster, is a chic and durable DIY (saves for “paracord” +275%)

Game on: Video game consoles and extra monitors are home entertainment must-haves for hardcore gamers and families (saves for “gaming setup” +302%)

Oh knit, this is big: Giant knitting is taking the fiber world by storm with super-sized cozy blankets and scarves (saves for “giant knitting” +200%)  

A workshop that actually works: The garage is getting a second life as a home workshop for do-it-yourself projects, big and small (searches for “garage workshop” +218%)

The adult kiddie pool: Stock tank pools will pop up in more backyards this summer, thanks to their low cost and easy installation (searches for “stock tank pools” +300%)

Fashionable fences: Horizontal slat fences create an outdoor optical illusion that makes gardens look larger and airier (searches for “horizontal fence” +333%)


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