Pinterest introduces an easier way to discover fresh ideas from creators with following streams

Story Pin following stream

More than 442 million people come to Pinterest every month hungry for ideas and ready to take action. They’re looking for inspiration like what to cook for dinner, how to style an outfit or a new beauty product to buy, and Story Pins from creators can help them bring those discoveries to life.

As the home of inspiration, Pinterest is a place to discover not only great ideas but also the people behind them. That’s why we’re introducing Story Pins following streams, a place for Pinners to see new Story Pins from the creators they follow, right at the top of the home feed. In this immersive stream, Pinners can find fresh Story Pins and even find new creators to follow through the “Discover creators” icon.

Story Pin following stream image

Following is the first step in connecting and engaging with creators on Pinterest. For Pinners, following means getting more original ideas from creators and building a more relevant recommendation system in their home feed. For creators, following means building an engaged audience united by the inspiration they provide. 

Story Pins are different in all the ways Pinterest is different from other apps — the main value is discovering positive, inspirational and educational ideas, and not just for entertainment purposes. They’re saveable, actionable and long-lasting so they can be discovered over time. From the following stream, Pinners can save ideas and visit a creator's profile to see even more ideas that might inspire their next project.  

To check out the new Story Pin following streams, follow Grossy Pelosi for approachable meals inspired by his Italian family, Caroline Vazzana for styling advice and a look behind the scenes in the fashion industry, Anderson for photography tips, DixonFit for workout routines easy to recreate at home, Nicole A. Taylor for inventive Southern recipes or celebrity hairstylist Justine Marjan for step-by-step tutorials.  

Pinners will start seeing Story Pins following streams on iOS and Android starting today.


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