Pinterest Opens its Doors in Mexico City


Today we’re announcing the opening of our office in Mexico City as part of our investment in scaling global resources and hiring local talent to grow our business to serve Pinners, creators and advertisers around the world. The Mexico City office will include the very first engineering hub in Latin America. 

We will hire more than 50 people across engineering and sales for the new Mexico City office during the year. This will be our second office in Latin America, after the opening of the office in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in 2014.

We believe the only way we can build a product that people use all over the world is if it has worldly perspectives at the table—both at the technological level and the human level. When tech work is more accessible to people from a range of backgrounds and geographies, we believe we can build consumer products that are more inclusive of everyone. This mindset is driving the expansion of engineering to new geographies such as Mexico City.

Mexico City already has a strong talent pool of engineers, particularly in backend and Android skillsets, and with the world class computer science program at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) this pool will continue to increase. 

The engineering team in Mexico City will comprise all types of engineers including, internal tooling, frontend engineering for iOS, Android, and Web as well as Pinterest’s human evaluation platform to be used for both Trust & Safety, and to label data for machine learning algorithms.

“This is a pivotal time for Pinterest as we’ve grown to reach 475M+ Pinners, with an engineering team building new technology that brings inspiration to people around the world. In order to fulfill our mission to bring everyone the inspiration to create a life they love, we must continue to bring talented engineers to the team. We’re thrilled to open opportunities to engineers in Mexico City, with skills uniquely matched to our needs as a visual discovery engine. Our new engineering office in Mexico City will not only help Pinterest access world class engineering and machine learning talent, but will also contribute to the technology community in Mexico.” - Jeremy King, Head of Engineering at Pinterest.

Pinterest has a growing, passionate user base across Latin America, including Mexico and there is an opportunity for businesses to connect with this audience when they’re considering what to do or buy.  With an office and Mexico City based Sales team, Pinterest will be able to work more closely with businesses in Mexico and the Hispanic Latin America across industries such as retail, home, food, fashion, beauty, and tech. 

Pinterest is an inspiration network powered by the largest dataset of human-curated ideas, with more than 300 billion ideas saved by more than 475 million people around the world.  People come to Pinterest to discover things — for their wardrobe, for their new home, for their next holiday. Pinterest is where the next generation in computer vision and recommendations technology, AR and AI, and visual search and object detection is being developed. Engineers at Pinterest are innovating by using technology as a key driver to make Pinterest a must-go shopping destination that’s more like walking the virtual aisles than anywhere else and a place where people can virtually try on products, comparison shop across brands and price points, and search and shop with their camera and within images.

Find more information on the open engineering roles here