Get your kids (and yourself!) back-to-school ready

Back to school 2018

Summer’s been nice, hasn’t it? But let’s be real. As we head into August, back-to-school prep is on every parent and college student’s to-do list. To help you get ready to hit the books, Pinterest has rounded up some of the top back-to-school trends to get everyone excited for the school year ahead.

Get your kids (and yourself!) back-to-school ready with what’s trending on Pinterest



Get the kids excited (and organized) 



Kick off the school year right with a back-to-school dinner (party) (saves are up 208%).

Personalize your school accessories with a DIY notebook cover (saves +39% since Jan 2018).

Capture this milestone moment with a back to school photoshoot (saves +142% since Jan 2018).

Get organized with this trending homework caddy (saved 69k times).

Let the countdown begin with this back-to-school countdown banner (saves +35% YoY).

Quick and easy meals for the busy parent

Make breakfast the night before to enjoy on those busy mornings with this top make-ahead breakfast recipe: Tater tot sausage breakfast casserole (saved +167k times)

Wondering what healthy lunches to pack this school year? Wonder no more with this top back to school lunch recipe: Crunchy peanut butter sandwich wraps (saved 13k times)

Help yourself out and prep for those weeknight dinners ahead of time with this top meal prepping recipe: One Pan Honey Lemon Chicken & Asparagus (saved +187k times) 

Fashion tip for the college bound!

On the style front, it’s no surprise that saves for college capsule wardrobes are on the rise (saves +52% YOY) as we all know that less is definitely more in the dorms!


Budget friendly buys under $50

Saves for college backpacks are up 54% since January 2018. The most popular backpack, you ask? Say hello to the  Herschel Supply Co. Daypack Backpack ($40).

Students of all ages are all about lunch boxes this year, with saves for college lunch boxes +1020% YoY. And we’re drooling over the top trending lunch bag, the BALORAY Lunch Bag Tote ($10.99).  

Ace this year’s dorm room prep with Pinterest

When it comes to dorms or college apartments, a closet is a luxury. Pinners are getting even more creative with open closets (+126%) and working with the space they have to create room for their wardrobes. .

For students looking for a little zen between exams, what’s better than a comfy corner to relax and reflect? Saves for home decor mindfulness (+248%) are on the rise.

Don’t have the space to go all out with the décor? Try adding pops of colors like red (+217%), dark blue (+139%) and hunter green (+209%). Try a vase, picture frame, lamp or other small item that can add some color into the room.

Living in a dorm, chances are you don’t have an outdoor space to personalize. Green your dorm or apartment with framed plants (+396%), tropical wallpaper (+46%) and botanical prints (+114%).

Dorm or landlord won’t let you add color to your walls? No problem! Try adding a statement rug (+236%) to any space to make it pop.