Phone screen with Pinterest app saving links for later.

Did you know? Not only is Pinterest the very best way to discover creative ideas, it’s also your save button for the internet.

Say your dad sends you an article that you’re too busy to read right now. Or a friend posts a link that looks fascinating, but you’re in the middle of doing something else. Just hit the Pinterest button to save it to one of your boards.


All you need is the Pinterest button

If you’re on your iPhone, we’ve got a whole new save experience for you. Now things are a lot more visual, it’s easier to create boards, and you can customize each Pin description—just like on the web. To get the Pinterest button on your iPhone, just follow these simple steps:

And if you’re on your Android phone or desktop, saving links around the web is just as easy.

Each link you save lives on your Pinterest boards. So whenever you get time to take a closer look, everything’s right at your fingertips.

Connor Montgomery, Software Engineer, currently Pinning to What time is It?