Phone screen with comments.

Today, we’ve made commenting easier by letting you add a comment directly from the home page. Why do we like comments so much?

For starters, commenting is really useful. When I saw a cool olive oil dish and wanted to know where I could pick it up, I was able to ask my Pinterest friends for help. Thanks to Matt, I found it.

Comments are also really helpful to find out what other people think. I’ve been considering replacing my iPhone for months. It was great to get feedback from some of my friends on the new android phone I ended up ordering.

Our little team doesn’t think of a ‘pin’ as just an image. Pins are living pieces of information: an image, a source, a personal description, a list of people who think it’s cool, and (hopefully) a lively discussion that adds context and useful information.

The new comments are live right now! Give it a shot. You never know who might write back :)


Stephanie LimCommunity Specialist, Currently obsessed with pinning to The Kitchen.