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Back in May, we started working with a small group of advertisers to test Promoted Pins in the U.S. Our plan now is to make Promoted Pins more relevant to Pinners, and help advertisers understand how their ads impact their business. On October 19, 2014, we’ll make a few updates to our Privacy Policy to explain those plans.


After these updates, there are a couple things we’ll do to improve Promoted Pins (we’re still only testing in the U.S.):

1. We want to help advertisers better understand how their Promoted Pins are doing. For example, an advertiser may want to know how often their ads are showing on Pinterest or how many people bought a product after clicking on a Promoted Pin. In the future, we’ll report that info to them.

2. We also want the Promoted Pins you see to be relevant to you and come from brands you’ve shown interest in. We hope to incorporate information advertisers share with us so that we can show you Promoted Pins that don’t feel random or distracting.


If you don’t want us to use info from advertisers to personalize the Promoted Pins you see, you can change your account settings. We’ll continue to support Do Not Track for personalization on Pinterest, as well.

If you’d like, you can get a preview of the Privacy Policy updates that’ll roll out on October 19. To learn more about the tools we’re building for advertisers and how we’ll tailor Promoted Pins, check out our Help Center.

Julie Park, Partnerships, currently Pinning to My Favorite Ads & Commercials