Top Pinned products of 2015

If your holiday shopping needs a jumpstart, Pinterest is here for inspiration. We took a closer look at the top trends and products of the year and found a few gift ideas that are too good not to share. Here are ten of the tops:


1. A new wave water bottle

2. A solar charger for your smartphone

3. Lace-up boots to hit the pavement 

4. Glow in the dark leggings take athleisure to a new level

5. Asymmetrical coats

6. Artful gemstones 

7. A smarter way to pack your bag

8. Stylish swaddle blankets

9. Graphic tees and tops 

10. Tapestries to transform your bedroom

For even more gift ideas, take a look at our top Pinned products of 2015.


Sarah Hoople Shere, Product Marketing, currently Pinning to I want