What's Hap-Pin-In': March 2019

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2019 is moving quickly, and we can't believe that spring is almost here! There's a lot to celebrate in March, including Women's History Month, where women are using Pinterest to empower themselves and other women. And let's not forget about World Sleep Day, because we could all use a little (or a lot) more sleep. We're also discovering that more and more Pinners are adopting an alcohol-free lifestyle. Read on for more fun insights!

World Sleep Day: tips and sleepovers

March 15 is World Sleep Day but we believe people should get plenty of sleep all year ‘round. In our P100, we told you that sleep logs will be a thing this year, with searches on sleep optimization up 116%². Here are some trending ways people are looking to get some extra zzz's. And for the little ones who don't want to sleep? Create special moments with some sleepover ideas!

Pinners are going booze-free for a healthier lifestyle

A glass of wine or happy hour isn’t the only way to wind down after a hectic day. More people are turning to Pinterest to find non-boozy ways to get their buzz on. Pinners are also practicing mindfulness as it relates to what we eat, drink and do, as searches for nutrition plans have increased 475%². Here are a few more ways to unwind and stay balanced.

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Wind down without the wine

  • Searches for mocktails are up 244% and non-alcoholic sparkling water recipes are up 116%.

  • Juices are also on trend: searches for natural juice recipes are up 601% and a couple of the most popular juice recipes are celery juice (+ 2457%) and cactus juice (+283%)!

  • Want to go all-in on wellness and self care? Grab a booze free mocktail and your apron. Baking is rising in popularity as a self care practice to help you unwind and even reduce anxiety. Searches for bread baking are up 413%² on Pinterest.

Find that natural high through mindfulness and movement

  • Ditch the day-drinking and explore instead. Grab a group together and give a bike tour (+64%²) a go.
  • While alcohol causes inflammation and dehydration, facial exercises enhance your complexion and restore a youthful glow. Searches for face yoga exercises are up by 1574%.
  • Practice chakra meditation to keep your health and mood in check, with searches for chakra balancing meditation up by 230%.


¹All trends throughout this newsletter were calculated using normalized searches from January 2018 to January 2019 unless otherwise noted.
²P100 trends are calculated using normalized searches from January - September 2017 to January - September 2018