What's Hap-Pin-in': January 2019

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The New Year is here and we've got the scoop on all the things to keep you inspired in 2019. ICYMI, be sure to check out the Pinterest 100 for all the trends we suspect to be big this year. As the calendar turns, Pinners are: trying challenges rather than resolutions, discovering organization hacks, and prepping for an easy, romantic Valentine’s Day. Read on for the trends¹.

New Year’s Challenges are the New Resolutions

Pinterest is the perfect place to find inspiration and searches for “new year inspiration” are up +91%. For a fresh start to the year why not try a new year’s challenge (searches up +427%) instead of a hard-to-achieve resolution. Most people drop their resolutions by mid-January, but challenges make short-term goals achievable and go beyond diet and exercise.

This year, Pinners are feeling the need to share a little more kindness and save money and we’re seeing that in the form of inspirational challenges. The kindness challenge at school is something we can all get behind (+20%). And there’s possibly no better way to show self-love while spreading love than the thankfulness challenge (+58%). Pinners are also looking to show their bank account some love with a New Year’s challenge that pays, literally (searches for 52 week savings plan are up +295%² according to our P100). There’s also the savings challenge (+391%) and the penny challenge 365 day (+139%). And here are a few more ways Pinners are getting inspired to be the best version of themselves in 2019.


Create Positive Vibes

For those looking to feel good, find some positivity and embrace self-love in 2019:

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Learn Something New 

Get creative, brush up your skills and exercise your brain in 2019:

  • 30 day song challenge +802%
  • Math challenge +255%
  • Creative challenge +59%
  • Redraw challenge +139% 

Celebrate Valentine’s Day your way with Pinterest

February 14th, will be here before you know it. We took a look at some of the top trending ways you can enjoy the holiday no matter where you are or who you’re with. Whether it’s a night in with your gals or that certain special someone, let Pinterest inspire your celebration this Valentine’s Day.

A day with your favorite gals

In addition to spoiling their SO, Pinners are looking for more ways to show their friends some love, with searches for “girls supporting girls” up 310%! That may be why this year Galentine’s Day is bigger than ever, with a 458% increase in searches for “Galentine’s Party” ideas. Check out Galentine’s Day trending ideas and top Pins below.

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A romantic night in 

The theme for some this Valentine’s Day is to keep it cozy and stay at home (at home dates +120%), while others are planning to cozy up in the car  and watch a drive-in movie or take in a view (car dates +250%). See below for trending at home ideas.

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Show love to the little ones

Don’t forget about the kiddos! While you’re busy prepping your night in (or out), give them something to do with the following trending activities.

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Organization hacks that’ll get you on the right path

Whether you’re looking to clean up your physical clutter or digital clutter, Pinterest is here to keep you on track and inspire you with more ideas along the way. Here are some quick ideas for organizing your Pins and boards, as well as the latest trends and top Pins in home organization hacks.

  • Divide boards into specific Sections. Want to keep your kids creative and active this year? Organize activities for the family into sections like outdoor games, family game night and art projects. We all know the kids can get messy! Mom organizing hacks are up 143%. Some tricks include a kids’ hair bow organizer (+147%) and diaper caddy organization (+257%)
  • Don’t want to see any more Christmas decor ideas? Get rid of those old boards by Archiving, which will remove old interests and topics from your recommendations.
  • Rearrange Pins, sort boards, reorder Sections. This is especially helpful when starting a home reno project. Reorder them according to whichever room you plan on tackling first -- like the kitchen. Wine rack organization (+140%) when you’ve had one too many bottles. Also, French door fridge organization (+176%) for optimal space-saving and quick-grabbing.
  • Copy or move multiple Pins to different boards or Sections using the Organize button. So, when planning a refresh of a room, move that lamp Pin next to the table Pin to feel out the ambiance, or that rug Pin next to the artwork Pin to make sure the colors don’t clash. This can also help you decide how to best organize a tiny space +233%.
  • Click more ideas in the tab beneath the board title, or at the bottom of your Pins to get recommendations for Pins related to what you’ve been saving. In the P100, we told you baking is up 413%², so it’s no surprise organization for the home baker is up 99%!
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¹All trends throughout this Newsletter are calculated using normalized searches from November '17 to November '18. Total save data is over all time.
²P100 trends
 are calculated using normalized searches on each trend from January - September 2017 to January - September 2018