What inspires Pinners this holiday season: Personal touches, self-love, sustainability, and family photos

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On Pinterest, the holiday season is in full swing. Pinners love to get ahead of things and have been searching for holiday inspiration as early as June — for everything from decor and recipes to outfits, hairstyles, and gifts. In fact, searches for "Christmas inspiration" are up 220% globally. Key themes are personalization, self-love, sustainability and making memories. Here are some of the most popular stress-free ideas Pinners are looking to try this holiday.

Make it personal, not perfect

Taking a creative twist on a Christmas tree, embracing cultural heritages and even rocking that summer skirt for the holiday party season are all ways Pinners are making the holidays their own. 

small xmas tree


Tip: Inspiration for a zero waste party decorations (+81%)


Tip: How to glam up an old sweater (Recycled sweaters +91%)

Easy recipes to add smiles on the table

Another day in December, another party. Check out these easy recipes from around the world to bring for office parties, brunch or your neighbor's dinner party. Tip: Pinners are looking at video recipe tutorials (+190%) for the easiest how-tos.

Fun fact: One of the most popular desserts this year is cheesecake, with a whopping increase in searches, from butter pecan to caramel apple. Here are top desserts to round out your dish list for the holidays.

Treat yourself

While you give your mom a spa day experience gift, why not also get it for yourself? More Pinners are looking for ideas to treat themselves for accomplishing another year of hard work - searches for self-care package gift ideas have increased by 134%. 

Top self-care ideas to reward yourself 

Gift to self
Victoria Smith
Founder, SF Girl by Bay
“The holidays can be so stressful, but they don't have to be. Not only do I like to gift my friends and family with spa treatments and uniquely personal self-care products like essential oils and candles, but I like to take time to care for myself as well. There’s no time like the holidays to stop and have a massage or a favorite facial. I love a trip to my local Korean spa for a good scrub, too. Best way to end one year and start another!”

Making memories

family photos

Pinterest is where people come for inspiration for the photos they'll take. Pinners are searching for lasting and personal ideas to remember this holiday season and to create meaningful gifts. 

Family Christmas Photos (+173%)

Handmade and fun gifts 

Want to take your holiday love to the next level? Why not celebrate all year around with your personal Santa tattoo (+45%)

Enid Hwang
Culture and Community Manager at Pinterest
“I love the holidays: From hosting, to feasting, to gifting, it's such a great time to express your gratitude to friends and family in creative ways. Pinterest is not only a great source for fresh ideas, but also useful for planning and staying organized. Here are some of my "no-stress" tips for this season.”

Top tips to cut out the stress for good this year

Secret board

  • Start early - Skip the last minute stress and start early to get inspired for this year’s season. The best thing: As you search and browse, Pinterest will recommend you more ideas that suit your taste or focus, whether it’s minimalist decor or easy appetizers.

  • Recycle - You don’t have to buy new stuff to keep things stylish. Use Pinterest to find ideas for how to upcycle a decor element from last year or freshen up an outfit you’ve had for years.  

  • Use secret boards -  Secret holiday gift boards are a simple way to collect ideas before you purchase anything. You can watch your budget or weigh your options all in one place.

  • Delegate - Planning with family and friends can be fun and helpful. A great way to share and discuss ideas are the new collaboration tools.

Trends are calculated using normalized searches from July ‘18 to July ‘19.