Pinterest research proves that positivity drives action at every stage of the shopping journey

Pinterest research proves that positivity drives action at every stage of the shopping journey
  • New research underscores that positivity is a key driver for action.  

  • Pinterest continues to prove its unique ability to create a positive environment for Pinners, creators, brands and advertisers. 

Today, Pinterest unveils new research on the power of positivity and how consciously creating a positive online environment benefits Pinners, creators, brands and advertisers alike. 

Pinterest commissioned the study conducted by Morning Consult that surveyed adults in December 2022. The original study was conducted in 2020 and surveyed adults in the US.

The research shows that positive environments drive impact for brands at every stage of the purchase funnel. When they're in a positive space, 6 in 10 American adults agree that they're more likely to remember brands they encounter online (56%), feel positive about brands they encounter online (59%), trust brands they see in a positive space (56%) and ultimately make a purchase from a brand (54%).1

"People come to Pinterest at key stages and moments in their lives, giving brands and advertisers a unique opportunity to connect with them when it matters most," says JJ Hirschle, Head of US Partnerships at Pinterest . "The research shows that positivity is a key driver for action, so Pinterest sets the bar high for advertisers as a platform that will benefit both their audiences and bottom line."

Platforms are increasingly being held accountable for the safety and security of their users, and brands and advertisers are recognizing that a positive online environment can make all the difference. In fact, when a brand is missing from a positive space, people notice. Two-thirds of US adults believe that brands are responsible for advertising in positive spaces and should be held accountable for where they place ads.1

Pinterest remains an online oasis with 2 out of 3 users saying they feel positive after interacting with the platform. This feeling increases with frequency as 78% of weekly Pinners feel positive after interacting with Pinterest.1 Research done in partnership with UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Centre last year also measured the effectiveness of a daily dose of inspiration among university students preparing for finals. The research found that just ten minutes a day on Pinterest can buffer against burnout, stress and social disconnection among Gen Z.2

Shopping on Pinterest is a natural step for Pinners to turn their ideas into reality as the research shows that positive experiences drive more action. In fact, 55% of Pinners see Pinterest as a place to shop.3 It’s also now easier than ever for the 460 million people who use Pinterest every month around the world4 to complete a purchase as all Pins now have the ability to include links

Pinterest research proves that positivity drives action at every stage of the shopping journey

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